Friday, August 3, 2012

Who Gives a Ship?

Honestly, I think we all do.  I don't have the images to show the step by step process I use to ship cards, but I think it's pretty straightforward and easy to understand.  If you want cool images, along with a cool custom card, you'll have to check out Fuji's post.

How I ship cards really depends on the quantitiy I'm sending.  If it's enough to fill up a small box, that's really a no-brainer.  However, most of the time, and I stress most of the time, it goes something like this.

Some of the cards get a penny sleeve, depending on the card, but all of them go in a team bag.  I'll use a couple of top loaders to hold cards and then I take those two top loaders, put the team bag between them, and tape the whole thing together using the amazing blue painter's tape.  The top loaders protect the cards in the team bag.  If I'm mailing some packs as a prize, I usually try to tape them between a couple of top loaders too.  I've never had anyone complain about getting damaged cards before so I guess it works ok. 

I take those little taped up bundles and slide them in a padded envelope, many times one that I've received with cards and I'm recycling.  I have a template saved on my computer and I just add the correct address, print and tape it on the package.  It takes a little more tape, but tape is cheaper than a whole new padded envelope. 

That's pretty much it.  I recycle penny sleeves, team bags, top loaders and envelopes. That's why I highly recommend using the blue painters tape on top loaders.  It peels off easy and doesn't leave any residue.  If you get a top loader from me with regular tape on it, it's a recylced one that I just couldn't make myself throw away. 

Speaking of trade packages, I'll should be finished moving my brother in law on Sunday, so if you're one of the 20-25 people I'm working on a trade with, I should be able to start getting some of those out this week.

Fuji, here is my prize preference order:

A,L,G,E,K,I,D,C,B,F,H,J....if you send me prize M, I'll shut this blog down, go back to college to get a double major in business and law, work my way up from the mail room to become the head of MLB and make sure no one ever makes another baseball card.  Ever. 

Thanks for a great contest.  You inspired a ton of posts around the blogoweb. 

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  1. LOL... awesome. I'll make sure to pass on prize package M to the 14th person on the list. Wouldn't want you to have to reinvest your money on an education. That money should go to cardboard.

    Best of luck!