Thursday, August 9, 2012

Small gestures

Just in case you thought you had to send a huge package of cards to be appreciated, I thought I'd share this small gesture with you.  I recently posted for the 1500th time, but I didn't realize it until I was almost finished writing a post.  I just threw a little blurb in there about it and then gave the people that read all the way to the end an extra August contest entry.  Tom from Waiting 'til Next Year, left a nice comment and said he might have to send me a couple of cards to celebrate.

Well, he did, and I really appreciate it.  They aren't some super hot prospect or great vintage cards.  They are just a couple of nice play at the plate cards.  You know how I like a patp card.

It was a small gesture on Tom's part, but it really meant a lot to me. His note was really nice too.

It's just another example of why I like being a part of the blogosphere so much.  I mentioned it in a quick blog post for Fuji the other day, but one of the three best things in my collection is this blog because I get to interact with good people like Tom.

Tom, thanks for being another reminder of why the blogosphere can be such a great place to hang out.


  1. The interaction among bloggers is pretty amazing and it truly makes our hobby special. And I particularly think it's cool that you're able to appreciate and treasure cards that don't necessarily book for a ton of money.

  2. Stories like these are why I love the blogosphere so much. It's the greatest group of collectors ever.