Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 Topps Chrome: To Die For

I posted my two Chrome blasters yesterday and promised a look at the 3 rack packs I picked up with them.  The only difference in the two is that you get the now expected three orange refractors in the rack packs instead of the purple refractors in the blasters.  

I think it's going to be really tough to approach a complete team set this year.  The long odds on pulling any colored refractors means less quality tradebait and less chance to get the Rangers I want.  Oh well, the trials and tribulations of being a team collector right?  As my friend would say, this is a real first world problem.  

Value pack 1

I pulled one Ranger in the first value pack, Adrian Beltre.  You know, the same guy that hit three homers in his first three at bats last night.

Chase Utley, X-fractor Superman!

That's pretty much it except for the three orange refractors.

Holy Bison!  Is he yelling at the ball or the Giants for this latest series.  Ugh, the Giants.

I guess Michael Bourn really looks up to Jason Heyward.  By at least a foot.  (Really it's just 6 inches.  I checked.)

Speaking of Giants, here is the "Hair"ed one.  This one is headed to Arpsmith.

Value pack 2  

Chris Sale is having a pretty good season.  14-4, 2.72 ERA, 137 Ks.  This is the regular refractor, even though the scan makes it look a little like the sepia version.

One of the packs had two Rangers in it.

The pics of Mike Napoli and Nelson Cruz are almost identical.

This Stephen Strasburg X-Fractor would have been a huge pull two years ago.  Can anyone explain to me how the Nationals are 30 games over .500?  Should we all be scared by this team?

On to the orange refractors.

It looks like Johnny Cueto is trying to mount that wave.

Oh Duda day.

Wow.  Norichika Aoki.  That's a mouthful.  I've never heard of him, but he's having a decent rookie season.

Ok, one more to go.

Value pack 3

Derek Holland is the final Ranger I pulled.  That should make you happy.  Now I'll need to trade for a bunch of these.

This is a pink Gio Gonzalez refractor.  Ok, it's really a regular Gio Gonzalez refractor, but it sure looks pink.

On to the oranges.  

Ha!  Arod is still trying to bring me down, but it's not happening you orange SOB!!

First Cueto, now James Shields.  The must be a pretty nice wave.

I've become a Rays magnet.  Matt Moore is making another appearance on this blog.

I saved the "best" for last.  I managed to pull one of the 1:24 die cuts.  I wish it was someone else, but this Tim Lincecum will be with the other one headed over to Arpsmith.  I have to say these things are amazing.  It's almost like a ninja throwing star.  Sweet.

That's the last of my 2012 Chrome.  The next time I show any Chrome, it should be something I traded for.
Maybe even a Die Cut Ranger if I'm lucky.


  1. Lots of Rangers! If those had been my packs, they would have been full of Reds and White Sox for some reason.

  2. Being a team collector, I'd say you did VERY well.

  3. Look at all those horrific Giants.

    I'd love to deal for the Kemp. He's become suddenly scarce in my trade packages.

  4. I'm busting a case of chrome i'm sure i'll have all the rangers base will let you know if any of the other refractors come out of it.

  5. Beltre hit another one last night. I'm gonna need that 1/1 back.

    P.S. You should be concerned with the Nationals this year. Next year you should be scared.