Saturday, August 25, 2012

And then there were two

Where can you go and find box breaks, a prize closet and even a good old fashioned sale?  Just a Bit Outside, that's where.   Kyle is constantly working with different box break ideas.  He somehow manages to track trades, comments and box breaks and award points that give you a shot at goodies from the "closet".  He'll offer up extras from lots he buys for cheap.  

I took advantage of all three of these to add some Rangers to my collection.  JABO's 13th box break netted me some cool stuff.  

Cool stuff like this 2004 Topps Pristine Alfonso Soriano Key Acquisitions bat card.  Say that three times fast.

More cool stuff like this GQ Mike Napoli mini.

Even more cool stuff like this GQ Nelson Cruz Straight Cut mini.  Notice I didn't say Straight Scan.

I also bought a couple of 2012 A&G relics for the low, low price of low.

Ian Kinsler blue jersey relic.

The much maligned of late Michael Young jersey relic.

I think when I picked these next two cards from the prize closet, I was the leader on the point tote board.  Well, not anymore.

I picked up this Rocky Calmus auto for a certain Sooner collector I know.

I also added a 2002 UD Drew Meyer auto that I didn't have.  And to think, those were just free.  Kudos to JABO for the prize closet idea, but man o' man, I can't even keep my collection organized.  I'd be lost trying to keep track of all those points.

JABO's 12th box break was two boxes of 2012 Finest.  I never, and I mean never, buy Finest, so the chance to get in on a break was perfect for me.

I got one base Josh Hamilton.

I also got a couple base Michael Young's and this refractor.

I think there were 4 or 5 base Nelson Cruz's, but at least one was a refractor.  

Now many of you remember I pulled this card out of a A&G rack pack not long ago.  

It was the best card I've ever pulled.  Having a Yu Darvish auto was something I figured would just be out of the realm of possibility.  When Kyle posted the contents of the Finest break, I was shocked to see the following card.  

This is the refractor version, #39/198.  I'm still in shock that I have it.  Part of me wants to sell it, but the rest of me wants to keep it.

I think the rest of me is going to win this battle.


  1. congrats on the Darvish Part Deux!

  2. That Darvish is amazing. Congrats!

  3. Thanks Brian. I need to find something cool to send your way. I don't have many OU autos. Rocky was one of my favorites on the national championship team. Hope you didn't miss out on anything nice for the auto though.

  4. Congrats on the great Darvish!

  5. One thing i need to do is a box break..