Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Goodbye Frankie, Hello Mike

I just read a report that the Rangers traded Frankie Francisco and suitcase of cash to Toronto for Mike Napoli. That's the same Napoli that was sent to Toronto 5 days ago with Juan Rivera for Vernon Wells. I'm hoping Napoli is bitter about the trade to Toronto and will help the Rangers smack the Angels when the time comes.

I'm not sure about the trade yet. I'll have to process it a bit and check the numbers to see how I feel about it. I know the Rangers have been searching for something to help out at the catcher position, even in a platoon situation, since Pudge left.

It's funny how you get used to a player being there and when they're gone, you realize you took their greatness, even their steady dependability, for granted. I think I always appreciated how amazing Pudge was, but sort of forgot that he wouldn't be playing catcher forever.

Come on Spring Training, come on Opening Day!

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