Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What is wrong with you people?

No, not you, the good and much appreciated reader. I'm talking about the people who voted on the "Topps 60 Greatest Cards of All Time" list.

It's certainly possible and likely that some of you voted, but I hope, no, I pray that none of you voted for this card.

This abomination was #56 on the list. You have got to be kidding me. This is nothing but another gimmick card. The crazy thing is I don't even care anymore that Topps is doing the gimmick card. It's here. It's probably not going anywhere and I've accepted that, but how does this card, with 60 years worth of cards to choose from, make the top 60?

It's voting like this that make people say "fans" shouldn't get to vote for the All-Star game.

I guess I should point out that Topps released #46-59 on the list. There are other cards to argue about, but at least they are legitimate cards. There are also plenty of amazing vintage cards. I'm just shocked and even a bit saddened by the inclusion of this card on the list.

I daresay there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cards that should be highly offended that this card was chosen ahead of them.


  1. The thing about this card is that the photoshopping is just SO poorly done. Bush and Mantle look glaringly out of place (although that may be the point). I don't know, the Topps top 60 is a complete and utter joke.

  2. I'm with you on the Jeter. Ridiculous one-off.

    The raw thing for me about this is it just mostly looks like "early cards of HOF players." Some of the released top 60 cards are nice cards for sure, but there's nothing about an '89 Topps Randy Johnson RC that screams "one of the best." Disappointing, really.

  3. Yeah, I voted, but I didn't vote for that one. There were far too many better cards on the list than to continue to encourage Topps to do ridiculous things like the Jeter... Blehh.

  4. When Topps limits which cards people can vote for then you end up with crap like this. Topps did not pick the best available cards of all time for us to choose. They picked the cards that THEY liked the best.

  5. This card is the reason I didn't put a 2007 set together, it skyrocketed the price of packs and boxes and this card was never even short printed!!!!

  6. UGH when I first heard about that card I thought it was someones non-existent "custom" card for their blog. We could only hope, just like that National Chicle card that has Chipper Jones looking like Babe Ruth or was it Babe Ruth in a Red Braves Uniform?