Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Topps, you're not fooling anyone!

This is NOT a shot at Topps over the Sterling Honus Wagner jersey card. That's been covered, and by better bloggers than yours truly.

No, this is something I noticed as I trolled around the MCG site looking for cards to trade for with my last few unwanted cards.

I was looking for some vintage catchers to add to my collection when I came across this 1968 Larry Haney. I'm not a big fan of the burlap look, but it has everything short of a play at the plate. I like the vintage catchers in their gear so I thought I might make an offer for it.

When I clicked on the card, I noticed the other Larry Haney cards that were available and did a double-take.

This is the 1969 Larry Haney. I know Topps is often guilty of using the same photo repeatedly, often times airbrushing them as necessary to make the player fit the team. I'm sure you notice the interesting thing about this's a reverse negative of the '68 photo. No need to airbrush the photo, but I'm surprised they made a left handed catcher out of Larry!

Do you know of any other similar cards?

Of course, I made offers for both of these cards, because they'll look great sitting side by side in the catcher binder.


  1. Nice post, but Im terrible when It comes to vintage. Yes I found your email ( sorry). So yes I do have some rangers in that stack. I will go through it later on tonight, and set some aside for ya.


  2. Topps was shady and lazy back then and they still are now!

  3. I hate to be a conspiracy-type guy, but this is what happens when there is no competition. Topps got lazy then, and as we have seen with Chrome, Topps is getting lazy now.

  4. Also, it looks like Topps airbrushed the number of the guy in the background to make it less obvious.