Thursday, January 20, 2011

So I'm sorting my 2010 Topps Chrome and...

I know what you're thinking.

Dude, you bought so much 2010 Chrome that you need to sort it?

Well, not really, but I guess in a way I did. I bought a couple of blasters and a bunch of those rack packs with the orange refractors. I entered a couple of group breaks, one for the Rangers and one where I got the Cubs and Dodgers. I also went in on a two box break with Bud from First Day Issue. Thats how I ended up with so many Chromies.

Anyway, back to the point. I was sorting them when I realized that it was sort of like sorting out a bent slinky.

The cards are so warped that my hands were sore from trying to keep them together. I know this problem isn't breaking news, I just wanted to chime in, about 3 months late.

On a positive note, I have lots of orange refractors and even some nice blue, purple, gold and even a couple of red ones. Shiny is good. Mostly when it will lay flat like a normal card.


  1. Have you had a chrome explosion yet? You know, where you are holding a stack that are all so warped in different ways, that you lose control of them and they just explode out of your hands. It sucks.

  2. The kicker would be to receive a nice thick bubble mailer in the post, thinking, man that's a lot of cards in there, only to open and fine a couple o chromes that won't lay flat!!!

  3. I still think this is the worst product Topps has put out in a long time. A set of completely unusable cards. I gave away virtually all of my non-Dodgers from 2010 Chrome because what's the point?