Monday, January 10, 2011

MCG Tradethon Finale

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but the Topps Million Card Giveaway Tradeathon is finished. Once I finalized all the trades with participants, the actually trading part went rather quickly.

I want to thank all these bloggers for participating in the Tradeathon. It was a lot of fun and even though it took some patience to connect for trades, I think it was worth it. Everyone "donated" cards they weren't going to pay to have shipped with the hopes of getting a shot at a decent vintage card. I wish everyone could walk away with a card, but only two lucky people will get that privilege. Let's refresh our memory regarding who is participating.

1-Cards on Cards
2-Hey, That's Mine
3-Stats on the Back
4-Dawgbone, A Phillies Phan
5-Too Many Granderson
6-The Collective Troll
7-Prophet Got It
8-Tomahawk Chopping-Cardboard and More
9-The Vintage Sportscards Blog
10-Justin's World
11-Padrographs: Abner to Zimmer
12-Smed's Baseball Card Blog
13-"O" No...Another Orioles Blog
14-Midwest Cardboard
15-Clear Cut Cards
16-No One is Going to Read this Blog

I hope that's everyone. I made a post recently with those names to give anyone I left off a chance to help me correct my error and no one responded. So, that's it.

I also want to briefly explain the process I used to choose what cards to try to obtain for our cards. Using the bloggers' collecting goals, as best as I could tell, I made trade offers for those teams. For the first card I obtained, I made 22 offers for early '50's cards of players from the following teams: Cardinals, Cubs, Phillies, Tigers, Braves, and Orioles. Since the Mets and Padres started much later, I didn't make offers for those teams. After the first trade was complete, I did basically the same thing for the other card, except I didn't offer for the team that I got in the first trade. Confused? Good, me too.

Let's get a little randomization done first. The first two people on the list will get the cards I traded for with the first person getting first choice and the second person getting the other card. is giving me problems and I had to shorten the names a bit to get it to keep all 16 teams in the randomization. Here is a brief video to show who won.

Congrats to the Brooklyn Met over at Clear Cut Cards and Mark over at Stats on the Back. The Brooklyn Met gets first choice and Mark will get the other card.

Here are the two cards we have to give away thanks to the tradeathon.

A nice 1954 Jim Pendleton.

A nice 1954 Ray Boone.

Congrats again to the winners. Brooklyn, please drop a comment to let me know which card you want.

Thanks again also, to all the participants. This wouldn't have been possible without your willingness to trade away some cards that Topps is going to end up keeping anyway!


  1. It was fun! And I can't believe you got it done. I keep getting requests for my 1963 card using the 1987 wood panel Pete Rose and / or Mike Schmidt.

    Those cards Topps didn't give away will wind up in the value packs in Target soon...

  2. Wow, cool! I am happy that I won. I am going to have to go with the Ray Boone.

  3. Damn, I'm totally jealous of the Boone. Nice job ending up with that pair from all the crap people sent you! Thanks for this contest, it was a lot of fun.

  4. 2 nice looking cards! I wish I would've won, but still an interesting and fun contest.


    Two Mets fans won and a really cool Braves card is one of the prizes.

    I love it!

  6. 3rd on the list, so close yet so far!
    This was a ton of fun and it ended in some really nice cards. Well done!