Monday, January 31, 2011

It's not ok...or is it?

Despite reassurances from Gus Zernial that everything is ok, something fishy is going on with this card.

You may recall that several bloggers, including me, mentioned Gus Zernial's passing recently. I have the great '56 play at the plate Gus and started looking at his other cards. I did a double-take when I saw this 1952 gem. I couldn't figure out why he had 6 balls stuck to his bat and then I read the back of the card, which may give a reason.

Over a three game stretch in 1951, Gus hit 6 homeruns, which tied a major league record. It sure makes for an interesting card in a set that has a lot of boring "shots".

RIP Gus.


  1. That 52 card is beautiful... although the 56 play at the plate is better imho.

  2. I've never looked up the price of this card until now ...

    You can get one on ebay for 10 bucks. That's great ... Or you can get a graded copy for $250 (snicker).