Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Appreciating Cardboard: Randy Jackson Style

Don't go thinking I've come up with some grand new concept for covering cards. This is a direct ripoff of Night Owl and probably countless other blogs. I won't do it justice compared with some of those blogs, but I'm okay with that. Hey, I turned 40 today. I'm happy not to be curled up in a ball complaining about my life being over.

As the post title said, this is all about Randy Jackson.

No, not this guy.

I'm talking about this Randy Jackson, circa 1956 Topps.

It turns out that I really don't want to pay to have all 78 of the cards in my Topps MCG portfolio shipped. So I bundled up a bunch of Red Sox cards and started making trade offers for a variety of cards. The first offer that was accepted was for this Randy Jackson card. That puts my portfolio down to 68 cards and I'll be making some more trade offers trying to pare down the list.

"Handsome Ransom" Joseph Jackson played in the majors for 10 seasons for the Cubs, Dodgers and Indians. He played in 995 games, totalling 835 hits, 103 homers and 415 RBIs. His career average was .261. Jackson was also a 2X All-Star, coming off the bench in 1954 and 1955.

In 1955, Jackson led the National League in double plays. He was traded to the Dodgers in December of 1955. The Dodgers used him as a backup for Jackie Robinson in 1956. In 1957 he had a major knee injury and was never the same player.

This little tidbit comes from Wiki..."17 April 1954: With the wind at his (Jackson) back, he had four hits, including a home run that hit an apartment building on Waveland Avenue, across from Wrigley Field, in a NL record three-hour and 43-minute game against the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cubs won the game 23–13, the highest scoring game ever between these two rivals, and the two teams combine for 35 hits, including five homers and a 10-run Chicago 5th inning. Jim Brosnan is the winning pitcher over Gerry Staley".

I'm off to have a nice birthday dinner. Thanks for the birthday wishes earlier.

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