Thursday, August 26, 2010


Not here. PATP is the same. I'm a little gunshy about trying one of the new templates although I've seen some blogs around that have made changes that look great.

The improvements that I'm referring to are over at the Topps MCG site.

I know, I know. Many of you are over it. You either don't have any cards in a virtual portfolio or do and don't bother to check the site out anymore.

They have made some improvements worth noting. First, you can see all the trades you've made. Even the ones where someone else initiated the offer. Until a day or two ago, you could only see the completed trades if you initiated them. I had 53 completed trades that I initiated. Now I can see I've completed a total of 105 trades. That's kind of nice to see.

The best improvement is in how you can search for cards for which you'd like to make an offer. Previously you could search for specific players by year or for just a certain year. Now you can search for specific players, teams, or even positions for a certain year or range of years. For example, I'm looking for vintage catchers. I can search for catchers from the years 1956-57. The only limitation seems to be that it will only show one page of results so if you search for catchers from 1952-1960, there may be hundreds of cards, but it will only show one page worth.

Still, it's an improvement and one I hope to put to good use as I try unload a bunch of the 70 cards in my portfolio for more desirable vintage cards.

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  1. No one will trade me a 1989 Mark Lemke so the site is dead to me.