Monday, August 9, 2010

Gint-A-Cuff 2: Packs 17-20 Third Hit's a RIP!

16 packs down, 8 to go. My total stands at 151.5 points. Let’s get to it.

Pack 17
# 257-Ervin Santana
# 232-Hubertus Wawra—cool card, wacky hobby
# 180-Gordon Beckham
# 233-Rick Ankiel
# 118-Eric Young Jr

# 349-Yuniesky Betancourt, SP (+2)

# 302-Daric Barton SP Mini (+3)

# TDH 46-Yovani Gallardo TDIH (+1)

Pack Total: 6 points
Running Total: 157.5 points

That’s not going to get it done.

Pack 18
# 140-Brandon Allen
# 99-Anthony Gatto, world record juggler
# 153-Jay Bruce

# 84-Elvis Andrus, favorite team (+1)

# 178-Josh Hamilton, favorite team (+1)

# Sailors of the Seven Seas-Francisco Pizarro mini (+4)

# RIP69-Delmon Young RIP card 11/99 (+20)
My first rip card ever! And I ripped it!

# 390-Torii Hunter extended mini (+10)

# TDH 37-Ichiro TDIH (+1)

That was a nice third hit. I would have had quite a dilemma if it had been one of my favorite players or amy Ranger. I was a little torn (pun completely intended) about ripping open a card. It felt a little wrong.

Pack Total: 37 points
Running Total: 194.5 points

Pack 19

# 83-David Wright, favorite player (+2)
# 73-Avery Jenkins disc golfer

# 170-Adrian Gonzalez, favorite player (+2)
# 224-Ian Stewart
# 240-Aaron Hill

# 312-Carlos Ruiz SP (+2)

# 289-Hanley Ramirez, favorite player mini (+3)

# TDH 25-Ryan Zimmerman TDIH (+1)

Pack Total: 10 points
Running Total: 204.5 points

Three favorite players in one pack helps a bunch. No Yankees makes it even better.

Pack 20
# 63-Matt Carson
# 277-Regis Philbin
# 147-Cristian Guzman, too bad I don’t get credit since he’s a Ranger NOW!
# 154-Juan Francisco
# 223-Jason Kubel
# 32-Joba Chamberlain, Yankee (-1) (I forgot to scan this one. I think it was a subconscious thing.

# WGWS14-Plato mini, (+4)

# TDH 36-Hanley Ramirez favorite player +2 TDIH +1, (+3)

Pack Total: 6 points
Running Total: 210.5

59 points in those 4 packs really helped the total. I’ve only got 4 packs left and I’ve already had my three hits. That doesn’t leave much hope for the last few packs. Or does it?


  1. You got two Royals in one pack? I don't think I've even pulled one, yet.

    That rip card gave you a nice 30 points. That will sure help you out.

  2. Nice Torii Hunter! I'm an Angels fan, let me know if you want to move that =)

  3. Congrats on the rip card. I've still never pulled one.