Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to the Blaster Aisle

I ventured back to the discount blaster aisle where I found the 2007 Bowman Heritage I posted yesterday. I wanted another blaster or two to see if lightning would strike again. I was disappointed that all the BH blasters were gone. There were still plenty of discounted blaster left to choose from.

Chris over at Budget Baseball Cardboarding found the same thing at his local "W" store and posted pics of the blaster bonanza if you want to see them.

I counted the different types of blasters and found there were 22 different types of blasters, with 9 of them falling in the baseball card category. I opted to pick up three more of the $11.98 boxes and head home.

I chose two 2007 Turkey Reds (leaving about 6 more on the shelf) and one 2008 Masterpieces box.

The Masterpieces blaster didn't give up anything except base and one SP. I really do like those cards.

I had a little better results with the Turkey Red blasters.
Blaster 1

Todd Helton SP

TRP Thomas Jefferson--One of my favorite cards in the box

Miguel Cabrera Ad Back Variation

Justin Morneau bat relic

Blaster 2

Road to 500...Meh

Jason Isringhausen SP

Mark Teixeira SP

Manny Ramirez Jersey

I also got one of the numbered Chrome cards, but I may use that for the September contest, so I'll show it at some point in the future.

What I would really love to see on those discount shelves is a bunch of 2006 and 2007 A&G blasters? Did they even have those? I wasn't back in the hobby then, but it doesn't hurt to dream.


  1. Good pulls on the Turkey Red boxes. I grabbed one from my Wally World and just got a refractor. Maybe I should go back and try another box. ;)

  2. Thanks for the plug, you really scored some nice cards in your blasters. I am super jealous you pulled a CC auto :)

  3. I've bought so many blasters of that stuff and I'm still many SPs away from finishing it. I'm jealous of the Izzy SP.

  4. Also, for some reason I had no idea that A-Rod junk was part of this product.

  5. They've got a bunch of discounted blasters in GP too, but I don't have any money. :(