Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joy of an Incomplete Page...the Completed Version

I am working on getting my Rangers collection organized so I can go all Beardy on the blogosphere. I want to figure out what I have so I can put up a comprehensive wantlist and maybe cut down on the number of 1987 Topps Rangers I get.

As part of the process, I pulled out my original binder. I haven't touched this thing, other than to move it, in years. The last time a card was removed or added to the binder is 1986. This was the binder that I carried back and forth from my friends house so we could trade cards. This is where I stored any vintage cards I was able to get. Except the ones I got in the trades with the creepy old janitor in our town...those I kept in a little treasure box.

I pulled out and scanned the first 5 pages from the binder. Most of them have empty spots where cards were removed for trading purposes. This first page, which is actually the 5th page from the binder, is the only one that has all 9 slot filled, front and back.

Front of 1st page.

From top to bottom, left to right, here are the suspects. Two 1980 Bob Horners, 1978 World Series card with Reggie Jackson, 1979 Ron Guidry, 1980 Ron Guidry, 1980 Red Sox Future Stars, 1980 Frank White and a pair of 1980 Dusty Bakers.

I started collecting in 1981 and never opened a pack of 1980 Topps. My friend was lucky enough to find 1980 Topps packs at a Mott's store in a neighboring town on several occasions. Almost all of my 1980 Topps cards came from trades with him. I don't know why I would have traded for multiple copies of the same player. Hey, I was just a dumb kid.

Back of 1st page

I was a big fan of Pete Rose early in my collecting days. There are three or four pages of Rose cards in that binder. This was the first section of those cards. You have two different 1981 Topps cards, one 1981 Fleer, and doubles of three different 1981 Donruss Rose cards. you guys that store your sets/player collections in binders put two cards in each slot?


  1. no. I never put two cards in one spot. I read the backs of my cards. A lot. Over and over.

    one card per slot.

  2. I always do the two-card thing (except for my '56 set). I'm not made out of money. Those packs of pages add up! If I want to read the back, I take it out.

  3. I used to do the back-to-back thing with my binders. Eventually, I picked up enough pages to make it work. Like the good Captain, I enjoy reading the backs of my cards without taking them out.

    I also leave spaces in my binder...for example, my 1970 Topps binder has 80 pages and 720 spaces. The 60 or so cards that are missing from my set have a space waiting for them once I get them.

  4. No, putting two cards on one slot may damage the card eventually. They are likely will stick together and that may damage the color of the card or the whole card instead. It is advisable to put one card per slot and put it in a cool dry place away from lights/sun to avoid the color to fade. But the best to safe keep it is to put it in a card case but i guess that was a bit of expensive. But nonetheless a good organized binder will do the trick :)..

  5. Yo!!

    Im heading down to D.J's tomorrow for a box of 05 Bowman Heritage.

    We have to get together one of these days and pick apart his shop..

    Give me an email when you get a chance..


  6. Oh by the way your Beardy link goes to nowhere which actually make's a lot of sense.

    ( Just Joking)

  7. Thanks for the heads up...I fixed the link.

  8. Jay, were you talking to me about DJ's shop?

  9. Ha,SportsCard Girl, screw you! Double-bagging cards doesn't ruin the cards!!! And you weren't real! Well, you were, but your card knowledge wasn't real!