Monday, August 23, 2010

Topps Value Box...Value or Bust?

I've seen several blogs reporting on these things.

So I just had to buy one when they finally appeared at my Wal-Mart. It contains one of those "Exclusive" Chrome cards of Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken or some Nats pitcher. It also has 6 packs of 2010 Topps Series 2, one Hobby pack of 2010 Ginter and one MCG code.

Of course I ripped the Ginter first and the best card I got was this one.

At least it was one I didn't have already.

I was a bit disappointed in the Topps packs.

There was this somewhat interesting Miguel Montero near Play at the Plate card.

I also got another copy of possibly my favorite card of the set. How many cards have you seen that show the homeplate umpire making a call at 3rd?

I did pull this Luis Aparicio Turkey Red that I didn't already have.

I didn't get any extra MCG codes, but the one code I did get turned into this...

1984 Topps AL Active Home Run Leaders--Nothing special, but dig that Luzinski beard!

Last, but not least, was the refractor. It's actually a nice looking card, even if it is a Yankee.

I did buy one more of these the next day with a birthday gift card. I'll get around to that box in a day or two.


  1. I saw them at my Walmart and almost bought one. I bought 2 discount blaster boxes and I did get my first hit out of a blaster box. Maybe I'll try one of these!!

  2. Cool, a Greg Luzinski HR Leaders card. I see you got the Babe Ruth. Obviously you didn't use that new technique of banging the crap out of the box and mangling it in your hands to pick out the Strasburg loaded ones.

  3. I would never treat cards that way...but that didn't stop me from buying another box.