Friday, August 13, 2010

The push

The Rangers are 65-48 and hold a 7.5 game lead on the Angels and an 8 game lead on the A's. Tonight they start a run of 20 games in 20 nights. Those 20 games include 10 against the Red Sox, Rays and Twins. The Rangers need a good showing against these teams to roll into September with some momentum and to prove to themselves they can compete with the big boys. The other 10 games are against the Orioles, A's and Royals. They need to beat those teams because those are the teams that playoff teams are able to beat. At least this season.

I'm hoping for a little payback against the O's for that 4 game sweep they put on the Rangers in Arlington just before the All-Star break. I've got tickets for one of the games against the Twins. It will be my first time to see Joe Mauer play in person.

Mauer is one of my favorite non-Rangers, but I hope he goes home thinking the Rangers are pretty good after the Twins get swept. Hey, I can hope right?


  1. Yes, you can! I'm just glad we've got a lot of meainingful baseball to watch over the next couple months! By the way, did you decide what to do with the Vipers card?

  2. Thanks Derek!

    I think I will post it. It's too awesome not to share with the world. I'll get it posted this week!