Monday, August 30, 2010

The dangers of NOT having a wantlist

I absolutely love trading. I made 50 or more trades before I started my blog. I actually delayed starting the blog until I could get a scanner so I could show off the results of my trade.

The problem with blind trading is that you oftentimes end up with cards you already have in your collection. I am so jealous of some of your detailed wantlists that I decided to follow up with some wantlists of my own.

I've been working, slowly, but diligently, on developing my own wantlists, going all the way back to the Washington Senators of 1961. Not having a wantlist has led to this...

Lots of duplicates.

Lots and lots of duplicates.

Hopefully, I'll start getting wantlists posted for my Rangers collection soon. I started sorting the Topps cards first since I had more of them than anything else.

My goal is to get the list completely done by the end of the year and spend 2011 knocking as much of it out as possible. Maybe I can even make a trade with Spiff over at Texas Rangers Cards. He only contacted my last November about a Rangers for Rangers trade.


  1. I have a want list and I still get lots of duplicates. As I'm sure you're aware, now that you have a want list.

  2. Hey, let's comment on this one again like I did the last contest! Want lists are a great thing. Probably the greatest thing in collecting (besides cards, of course). But I have actually specifically not created a want list for a couple of different sets -- my little secret that may be revealed some day.