Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everything is BIGGER in Texas: Part 2

This is another pack of 1989 Topps Big Baseball from the Troll. The first pack was from Series 1 and this one is from Series 2. Let's see how many guys named Schmidt we can pull from this pack.

1989 Topps Big Baseball Series 2 pack

Steve Buechele--former Ranger great and current minor league manager

Tim Flannery--yawn

Barry Larkin-19 years, all with the Reds

Tony Fernandez

Mike Schmidt-that's one guy named Schmidt and a great one at that

Dave Schmidt-back to back Schmidts!

Darryl Strawberry

Here is the colorful back of the card.

It was nice to pull a Ranger and nice to get Michael Jack Schmidt.

Thanks again Troll!

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  1. The card backs on those Topps Big weren't as interesting as the '56 cards, but it was a nice try.