Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everything is BIGGER in Texas

That may not be true for everything, but it is true for these cards the Troll sent me. This pack was part of the big box he sent me last week. These cards were made in three series, each with 110 cards for 330 total cards.

1989 Topps Big Baseball Series 1

Mike Maddux--current Rangers pitching coach

Jeff Branson-played 9 seasons with the Reds, Indians and Dodgers

Franklin Stubbs-played 10 years in the majors, 5 with the Dodgers

Mike Macfarlane-played 13 seasons, 10+ with the Royals

Mark McGwire-you might have heard of him

Albert Hall-9 seasons, 375 games total

Doug Robbins-drafted by the Orioles in 1988, played 5 seasons in the minors

Here is an example of the very cartoonish card back.
These were fun to open and I have a Series 2 on the way. Thanks Marck!


  1. Cool back on these cards. I love it when collectors take the time to view the other 50% of a card. Cool Blog!!!

  2. Great post as always... What ever happened to Dan McGwire?

  3. Charles...thanks for the comment. I started following your blog.

    Troll...I looked Dan McGwire up. He was drafted in the 1st round (16th pick) by Seattle in 1991. He played for the Seahawks for 4 years, getting his only real playing time in 1994 when Rick Mirer was injured. He went 1-2 in three starts throwing for 578 yards and one TD. He spent one year with Miami and then was out of football. He is reportedly the tallest QB ever drafted at 6'7".