Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baseball, hot dogs and humble pie

Last night, I ranted about the Yankees, all while celebrating the Rangers beating Mariano Rivera in the 10th inning.

Tonight, I'm eating a little humble pie after the Yankees came back from a 6-1 deficit to win 7-6. I was begging for a little run support for Cliff Lee and finally got it. Unfortunately, Lee didn't give up his normal 1 run and the Rangers bullpen couldn't get the save in the 9th.

Elvis Andrus did his part in the bottom of the 9th, hitting a lead off triple in his first ever appearance against Rivera. That was all Rivera gave up though, closing the door on Young, Hamilton and Guerrero. Unlike last night, the Yankees best beat the Rangers best.

I should be happy with a split I suppose, but blowing a 6-1 lead is hard to swallow.

So is this humble pie.


  1. The Yankees still suck. I just hope that they do not embarrass Bruce Chen and the Royals at the game I'm at on Thursday. It's agianst CC, so it isn't looking good.

  2. I was surprised they did come back; the Rangers have a decent bullpen.

    Mo in tied games sucks. But in save situations, christ.

  3. That was tough to watch for sure. Hopefully they'll get back on track against the Red Sux.