Monday, August 16, 2010

I love discount blasters...especially loaded ones

As hard as it is to believe, I found myself on the card aisle at Wal-Mart on Friday. I'd been sick most of the week and found myself in need of a pack to open. Unfortunately, there was only 2010 A&G and Topps. I've told myself no more of those (we'll see how long that lasts). I was about to walk away disappointed when I turned around and was shocked! Three shelves (or maybe four) stocked with nothing but discount blasters. I wish I had made a list just to show how many there were, but I'm guessing there were around a hundred blasters of at least 12 different types and they were all $11.98. I pondered a bit...and finally decided on a blaster of something I don't think I've ever opened.

2007 Bowman Heritage.

Don't get all jealous and start hating on me because I found this little gem and you didn't. They had about 10 or 12 of them so you had your chance. Unless you live somewhere else I guess. This blaster had 8 packs. Or 7 PACKS PLUS 1 EXTRA PACK! if you believe in that bonus box hype.

I'm not going to bore you by showing every card I got. Mostly because I didn't want to scan every card. Honestly, I didn't even have the time or energy to scan one card from every pack. I will list the cards by pack. Just in case I got something one of you Super Duper Collectors can't live without.

Did I mention I got what you might call 3 hits in this little old blaster? No?

Well, I did.

Pack 1
Ivan Rodriguez
Felipe Lopez

Carl Crawford Signs of Greatness Auto—on card! These Group B autos fall 1:53 packs.
John Otness Prospect
Charles Lofgren Prospect
Checklist 3
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Paul Konerko
Ervin Santana

Pack 2
Jered Weaver
Jason Jennings
Brandon Morrow—Some type of shiny, thick Rookie
Daniel Mayora Prospect
Chance M. Douglass Prospect
Sean Henn
Michael Barrett
Andy Pettitte

Pack 3
James Shields
Jake Peavy

Paul Konerko Pieces of Greatness Jersey—These Group B relics fall 1:46 packs.
Mark Reynolds shiny thick Rookie, henceforth known as STRs for this break.
Isaiah Kala Ka’aihue Prospect
Andrew Fie Prospect
Mike Mussina
Hank Blalock

Pack 4
Jason Bay
Ryan Braun
Yunel Escobar STR
Brian Bocock Prospect
Ryan Adams Prospect
Andy LaRoche
Rick Vanden Hurk
Ramon Hernandez

Pack 5
Jermaine Dye
Jeremy Sowers
Andy Sonnanstine STR
Victor Buttler Prospect
Nels Brannan Prospect
Checklist 2
Brandon Morrow—Ok, this is the regular so the STR thing must be a parallel. Man, I am smart.
Jeremy Bonderman
Roy Halladay

Pack 6
David Eckstein
Dan Uggla

Hideki Okajima Black Parallel #1/52—The base black parallels fall 1:97 packs.

Here’s the back so you can see the fancy schmancy numbering.
Kory Casto STR
Thomas Fairchild Prospect
Michael Saunders Prospect
Billy Butler
Johnny Damon

Pack 7
Derek Jeter
David Wright
Joba Chamberlain
Matt Chico STR
Patrick Reilly Prospect
Juan Miranda Prospect
Paul Lo Duca
Gary Sheffield

That pack had 8 cards and 3 of them were Yankees and 2 were Mets. Not Good.

Pack 8
Eric Chavez
Troy Tulowitzki
Kevin Slowey STR—and a 7 inning no hitter yesterday.
Shane Benson Prospect
Matthew Sweeney Prospect
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Ryan Braun
Jason Giambi

So that’s it. I may have to buy one more blaster of this and maybe even collect the set. Do I really need to collect another set? No. We’ll see. Three “hits” for a blaster isn’t too shabby though.


  1. Wow - now that's a value loaded blaster! Crawford's actual signature sure is pitiful though eh?

  2. Nice grab on a loaded blaster. Pack 7 looked prety good to me though. I did a few of these boxes when they came out and scored a printing plate out of one.

  3. OMGZ 1/52 = 1/1. Sell it on Ebay for ten trillion dollars!

    Seriously though, excellent pulls dude, that's unreal. Almost makes me want to go to Walmart sometime haha.

  4. DANG. My Wally world only has Timelines, Topps Series 2 and O-Pee-Chee. I got that Crawford out of my hobby box though.

    Maybe I need to steal the credit card and sneak out of the house to night to... um... get gas, yeah that's right, I need to fill up the gas tank.

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  6. That's crazy! I am working on that set, but I never see blasters. I've pulled an auto from it before, but of course it was someone no one has ever heard of. I don't think my Wal-Mart really has cards (it hasn't had much of anything to speak of in the past year or so) and I try to avoid that pit of despair as much as possible.

  7. I need to hit the other Wal-Marts ner my house because the closest one has the same thing, though it is mostly O-Pee-Chee and A Piece of History. I've had some success with discount blasters, but not as much as you had with that one.