Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Little Willie for My Birthday

Let me apologize if you found this post after typing in an inappropriate search term. This happens to be a baseball card blog so you may be in the wrong place.

However, if you're into cards, you're in the right place.

I didn't expect anything card related for my birthday yesterday. My wife is not exactly anti-baseball cards, but she's close to it. She didn't disappoint me either. She didn't get me any cards, but something very cool in the electronics category.

My little baseball card collecting offspring did manage to surprise me with this little gem.

That's a very sharp 1975 Topps mini Willie Stargell. That is the toploader it was in when he bought it. I was very suprised, not that he would get me a card, but how he would have gotten it. My wife never would have taken him to a card shop. So I asked him where he bought it. He said it came from a garage sale he had been to with my wife. He found it mixed in with some newer baseball cards and a bunch of Pokemon cards. He bought it because he saw it was from '75 and that was close to the year I was born. The best part was he only paid a quarter for it. I was very touched that he would get it for me. Even though Willie isn't one of my collecting goals, this one will have a special place in my collection, much like the Michael Young Turkey Red he gave me a while back.

Here is a better scan of the card. It's in really great condition. It's a bit off center, but the corners are really sharp.

I never realize Willie Stargell's full name was Wilver Dornel Stargell. Willie sounds much better.


  1. That's a great pickup for only 25 cents. Actually It's a pretty good pickup for 5.00. I've never actually seen one of the minis in person.

  2. Wow, to think of all the cards he could have gotten at a garage sale (there is tons of junk out there), and he came up with a '75 mini!

    You've got a shrewd shopper there.

  3. Great card and GREAT gift from GREAT kids! Happy B-Day once again!!! I still have the first card my son gave me. It is a Dennys hologram card and I keep it in a screw down holder...