Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs: Packs 20-23 Mutant Pack Ahead

I’m a long way from the top spot, but some goodness is coming. I have 210.5 points after 20 packs.

Pack 21
# 172-Ian Desmond
# 22-Lucy, my wife was really hoping this Lucille Ball
# 17-Johan Santana

# Kevin Youkilis, favorite player (+2)
# 13-BJ Upton

# 318-Carlos Gonzalez, SP (+2)

# 73-Avery Jenkins black bordered Mini (+3)

# TDH 23-Dan Haren TDIH (+1)

Pack Total: 8 points
Running Total: 218.5 points

That’s not a bad total, but it’s not going to get me over the top.

Pack 22—Mutant Pack Warning
# 11-Wade Davis
# 297-Isaac Newton, famous apple magnet
# 189-Howie Kendrick
# 196-Scott Baker
# 186-Jose Reyes

# AGHS7-Carl Crawford Sketch (+3)

# CLMJ2-Creatures of Legend, Myth and Joy Easter Bunny mini (+15)

# MM12-Monsters of the Mesozoic Iguanodon mini (+3)

# TDH 12-Andre Ethier TDIH (+1)

Two minis in that pack means somewhere, someone got shorted. Let's hope it wasn't me. That was a funny, yet rewarding pull. I haven’t been so happy to see the Easter Bunny in a long time.

Pack Total: 22 points
Running Total: 240.5 points

Can I top 250?

Pack 23

# 165-Nick Jacoby-apparent two time code cracker! (+1)
# 219-Adam Wainwright
# 248-Jason Marquis
# 5-Edwin Jackson
# 221-Mike Leake

# 316-Nate McLouth SP (+2)

# NA9-National Animal Jaguar mini (+2)

# TDH-Stephen Drew TDIH (+1)

Pack Total: 6 points
Running Total: 246.5 points

One pack to go. If I can stay away from the Yankees, I should be able to hit 250 points. Stay tuned…


  1. You've passed me easily. The Easter Bunny is awesome.

    I know someone who really wants that Avery jenkins black border. I'd be happy to take it or I can fill you in on who needs it.

  2. I believe the Easter Bunny is a case hit. If not, it's definately LONG odds. I pulled a Jeter Celestial Stars from a Target box, and those are definately hobby case hits.

  3. Joe...I haven't seen any of the Celestial Stars cards except on some blogs. Thanks!

  4. I've pulled two Celestial Stars (Pujols and Fielder) from rack packs at Wal-Mart. Both were on the back of the top of the pack, when most minis are between base cards. I don't know if it's a packaging trend for Topps to put the CS at the back of the packs, but I sure check the rack packs everywhere I go now. Check my blog at www.mycardboardmistress.blogspot.com for pictures.

    Love the Easter Bunny by the way.