Monday, August 23, 2010

Joy of an Incomplete Page: Part 2

This is the 2nd of 5 pages I pulled from my original binder. It's the same binder I used to carry to my friends house to trade cards back in the early '80s. I never thought "early '80s" sounded like a long time ago until just now. I'm getting old.

Any empty spaces are from cards that were traded to my best friend. As I mentioned the other day, I got most, if not all, of my 1980 Topps cards from my friend who found 1980 cards in late summer of 1981.

This is apparently the Red Sox page. We have three 1980 Topps Carl Yastrzemskis, one of my favorite players ever. The only other guy keeping the Yaz company is fellow BoSox teammate Jim Rice. Sadly, while transporting this loose page to work, I lost the top middle Yaz card. That sleeve was torn down the side and I've looked everywhere for it. Hopefully it will turn up somewhere.

The back side has more variety. We'll start with a pair of 1980 Topps Gary Carters on the top row. I just realized I lost a Carter too, the one that was in the middle with Yaz. *Sigh*

Row two has a couple of 1980 Topps "1979 Highlights" cards. The first one Lou Brock and Carl Yastrzemski reaching 3000 hits. The second informs collectors that Willie McCovey set a new career homer mark for NL Lefties with 512. That number, and all others, has of course been passed by he of the large head. And I'm not talking about Kevin Mench. The final card in row 2 is a 1980 Topps Rod Carew.

Row 3 has a 1980 Rick Sutcliffe who I'm sure warranted binder treatment just for being a 1980 card. The last card for this sheet is a 1978 Topps Lou Brock 1977 Record Breaker card. Brock passed Ty Cobb as the Career Stolen Base Leader in 1977 with a nice round 900 steals.

You haven't seen all the 1980 Topps cards yet, but the last three pages have some nice vintage cards. Nice if you don't worry too much about condition, which I don't.

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  1. Sutcliffe was a pretty big name in 1979/1980, maybe that's why it was in the binder?