Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yankees fans, allow me to introduce you to David Murphy

You know, this guy, the one featured on the most awesome card of 2009.

He's the guy who beat your future Hall of Fame closer tonight. He's the guy who hit a two run homer earlier in the game to give the Rangers a 3-2 lead. He's the guy who threw a bullet to the plate to get Nick Swisher out.

Night Owl had it right last week when he posted about there being 29 other teams. There ARE players on other teams with a little talent.

Our best beat your best tonight Yankees fans.

I'm an unabashed Yankees hater. I'll admit it. It doesn't keep your team from being one of, if not, the best teams money can buy. You might beat the Rangers 10-0 on Wednesday night. You might win another World Series this year. I hope the Rangers get a chance to be the team to knock the Yanks off their high horse. Nothing would be sweeter than shoving Arod's ego down his throat. Nothing would be finer than seeing Mark Teixeira lose to the Rangers in the ALCS. Of course, they have to get there first.

Now, if the Rangers could just score some runs for Cliff Lee...

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