Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gint-A-Cuffs: Pack 24 The Finale

This is my last pack for the 2010 Gint-A-Cuffs 2 challenge. I have a total of 246.5 points. This pack has more + and – cards than any I other I think. Let’s get to scoring.

Pack 24

# 254-Rich Harden, favorite team (+1)
# 264-Nemo, not the cute little fish either

# 269-A.J. Burnett, Yankee (-1) so much for the Harden point

# AGRJH-Josh Hamilton jersey relic! Relic+8 x favorite team multiplier 1.2 (+9.6)
A 4th hit and a Ranger at that! That’s a fine mutant box!

Edit: Updated score based on different relic scoring.

Hamilton = 12 (AGR) x 1.2 (FT) = 14.4 (Player on your Favorite Team)

This means an increase of 4.8 points.

# 91-Carlos Zambano A&G back mini, +2 A&G back, -1 for being an idiot, albeit an apologetic idiot (+1)

# TDH 19-Robinson Cano, Yankee -1, TDIH +1, (+0)

Pack Total: 10.6 points
Box Total: 257.1 points!

Updated scoring based on change in relic scoring:
Longoria = 12 (AGR) x 1.7 (FP list) = 20.4 (Motherscratcher's Favorite Player)
14.4 (updated Hamilton) + 20.4 (updated Longoria) = 34.8
9.6 (original Hamilton) +13.6 (original Longoria) = 23.2
So, an increase in the final score by 11.6 (34.8 - 23.2)

Final Total: 268.7 points

Three negative cards in that pack were offset by the great Josh Hamilton!

That was the most fun I’ve had opening a box of cards in nearly 10 years. Of course, it’s the only box (Hobby) of cards I’ve opened in nearly 10 years, so there’s that. Is it too early to be looking forward to Gint-A-Cuffs 3 in 2011?

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