Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I don't care that the Nationals gave Bryce Harper a $9.9 million contract.

I DO care that Harper Hype will lead to HYPErinflation for future card products.

I don't care if Harper becomes a megastar or a megabust. Sure, baseball needs superstars, but there will be superstars whether Harper is one or not.

I DO care that Scott Boras is terrible for baseball.

I don't care if Harper plays catcher or outfield, which various reports have different Nationals people saying one or the other.

I DO care that someone, somewhere, please, for the love of all that is right with baseball, put a stop to this...

It's time to grow up Bryce. You've been rushing to be a grown up for a long time. Now you've got the money, it's time to put away the makeup.

If I wanted to see that, I'd watch old tape of this guy.


  1. Nice blog of I DO, I DON'T piece. Cool..

  2. Not looking forward to the full-scale Harper hype. It would be a little more bearable if he was a likeable guy or didn't Boras as his agent.

  3. Violent agreement, here. I don't want to be some kind of contrarian to the idea that someone should "chase their dreams, and never give up, no matter what" and all that.

    However, there's something about the sense of entitlement with the "destiny" of B-Harp or Vanilla Bryce or whatever he's going to be called that just doesn't leave a good taste.

    There's a balance between being committed to the goal (best baseball player evar) and being disrespectful of others who don't have that talent (screw education, that's for the untalented).

    Who needs knowledge-y stuff when you can hit a BP ball 600 feet with a metal bat, right? Oh yeah, that's right, every one else in the world who can't do that.

    Time to put away the unimpressive Nightwing makeup and bat like a real man.

  4. Bryce and his haircuts are still annoying. But he's pretty harmless.