Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Box of Trollific Goodness

If you've ever received a package from the Collective Troll, you know just how great and generous he is. If you haven't...well, that's your tough luck I suppose. A couple of weeks ago I got the latest spoils from his second epic wax break. He didn't post every single pack like he did the first time (I still don't know how he survived that), but that didn't keep the cards from coming. I had over 150 Rangers and a huge stack of Mariners as well. Then there were the catchers, plays at the plate and even a few cards for my various player collections. Oh, did I mention the unopened packs. Stuff like 1989 and 1990 Topps Big Baseball and 1994 Extra Bases. It was a great box. I pulled out a few of the highlights just to show what a box from the Troll looks like.

2009 Topps Updates and Highlights Ivan Rodriguez-I'm not sure who Pudge is tackling, but I don't think his sliding technique is very good. That's not the best route to the plate.

2008 UD Masterpieces Johnny Bench-I need to bust a box of this. It's a great product.

The Troll included tons of OPC like this 1992 OPC Premier Ken Griffey Jr.

I don't think this is a base 1994 Stadium Club Ken Griffey Jr. Any ideas?

2009 Heritage Chrome Nelson Cruz #969/1960. It almost looks like one of those black refractors. Almost.

1983 OPC Johnny Bench. I'm 100% sure these are my first 1983 OPC cards.

1983 OPC Carlton Fisk

1985 OPC Carlton Fisk-Keep the OPC goodness coming!

This Rangers Stand Up Guys insert came from a can of 1998 Pinnacle Inside. The Troll posted it at A Pack to Be Named Later. This side features Will Clark on the left and Juan Gonzalez on the right.

The other side features Rusty Greer and Ivan Rodriguez. I'm not sure how these worked. It almost looks like you needed another card to slide up into the slot and complete the picture of each player. If that's the case, I need to find the other card.

How about a little vintage action? This is a nicely aged 1965 Topps Senators Rookie Stars card featuring Don Loun and Joe McCabe. Loun had a "long and distinguished" career with the Senators. He started 2 games in 1964, going 1-1 with a 2.o8 ERA. He had one complete game shutout. That was his entire career. Joe McCabe played in 28 total games, 14 in 1964 with the Twins and 14 with the 1965 Senators. Interesting enough (or not), McCabe originally signed with the Washington Senators in 1960. They later became the Twins and he was traded to the other Washington Senators for Ken Retzer in October of 1964. They may not have had long careers, but vintage is vintage and 1965 Topps is a great set.

This is the first of two autos the Troll threw in the box. This Mike Lamb auto is from the 2003 T206 issue. Mike has a nice auto and this is my first Lamb auto. Mike played 4 years with Texas. He spent 2009 in the Mets minor league system and appeared in 39 games this season with the Marlins. The Marlins sent him back down to the minors on July 21st.

Last, but not least is this Ian Kinsler auto on one of the Dr. Pepper giveaway cards. It looks like the cards they give out to be signed on "Autograph Wednesdays" at the Ballpark. I don't know how the Troll got it, but he sent it to me and I'm glad to have it!

Thanks Troll! As always, your packages never fail to impress. I've got a few things for you I'll be sending along shortly.


  1. Great post Brian!!! Sorry it took me so long to finally read it... The Lamb auto was a legit part of the rip. It was one of 3 autos that the group rip yielded... I thought he was gonna be an All Star, I even voted for him. What happened to him? I have been to the Stadium in Arlington many times. Remember my Son lives and goes to school in OKC. You save a lot of money in plane fare if you stay over a day in Texas and I do that often. We should get together one of these times... Honestly I go to Houston most often, but I love the Ballpark and I don't mind the Rangers either... Glad you liked em! Oh, the Junior was a Finest predictor insert from 1994 Stadium Club. 1:16 I think. I got 2 in the box, both Juniors... I saved the other for future considerations... Oh, that 83 O P C were actual rips too. I got a box of that pretty cheap. They actually look that rough right out of the pack... Everyone got one copy for their team, but I pulled many dupes, so I spread them around. No Sandberg rookies or Boggs or Gwynns, but about 6 of the Benchs I sent you! Cheers!

  2. the kinsler auto. is a print; i got 1 just like it.