Friday, August 6, 2010

August Contest Winner and ALL my 1999 SP Signature Edition autos

After much tabulating, list analysis and a touch of laziness, we have a winner for the August contest.

Some numbers associated with the contest:

41 people made 83 entries.
15 people entered all three days.
18 people mentioned the auction on their blog and get one entry for that.
There were 10 correct guesses.
I added 3 new followers and got 953 blog hits in three days. Not bad, considering I probably average a little over a 100 hits a day.

Here is a list of the 1999 SP Signature Series cards I have, along with the people who correctly guessed them. I believe there were 5 entries on the 1st day that came in AFTER I closed that one, so those did not count.

1. BD Ben Davis Padres---Rod(Padrographs)

2. CC Carlos Castillo White Sox---Tony MC

3. FS Fernando Seguignol Expos---Thorzul

4. GJ Geoff Jenkins Brewers---I Don’t Know…Third Base

5. JK Jason Kendall Pirates---Thorzul (the only person with two correct guesses)

6. JM Juan Melo Padres---Night Owl

7. KB Kevin Barker Brewers

8. KW Kevin Witt Blue Jays---one of the late guessers on day 1 guessed Witt, but it didn’t count (sorry)

9. MB Michael Barrett Expos

10. MC Mike Caruso White Sox

11. MV Mario Valdez White Sox

12. OP Orlando Palmeiro Angels

13. RR Rafael Roque Brewers

14. RT Reggie Taylor Phillies---Dayf

15. VC Vinny Castilla Rockies

16. Bwa Billy Wagner Astros

17. Ck1 Cesar King Rangers---Babbaloie

18. DEa Damion Easley Tigers

19. JLa Joe Lawrence Blue Jays

20. MME Mitch Meluskey Astros

21. ROB Robert Fick Tigers---Captain Canuck and

22. ShH Shea Hillenbrand Red Sox

23. STH Sterling Hitchcock Padres

Many thanks to these blogs for mentioning the contest.

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The Great Orioles Autograph Project (Ryan AKA Orioles Magic)
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Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for, the winner.

I entered the names for the correct guesses and one bonus entry to all who mentioned the contest and here are the results…

Congrats to dkwilson from It’s Like Having My Own Card Shop!
DK, get me your address and I’ll get your blaster to you.

Thanks to everyone for entering and following along for 500+ posts.


  1. Wow! That's awesome! I can't believe I won! Thank you so much and cograts on your 500th post! I'll send you an email with my address. Thanks again!

  2. I can't believe I didn't win. I thought it was understood when I sent you that bribe that I would win the contest! What happened??? LOL Seriously, congratulations on reaching 500 posts and thank you for the contest. Now hurry up and get to 600 posts so we can have another one!

  3. By the way...DKWilson, you should film the box break and put it up on YouTube so the rest of us can see what we didn't win. LOL

  4. Hey won't have to wait until 600, I've been doing a contest around the 1st of each month.