Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Best Fake Auto I Ever Got

I was going through the closet in the guest bedroom yesterday and I found a long lost binder. It wasn't full of amazing vintage cards, but rather something that occupied the collector portion of my brain during one those times when I didn't buy many cards. It was my binder of In Person/TTM Celebrity and Sports autos. The bulk of the autos came between August of 1994 and September of 1995. My interest in autos actually went started back in 1989 when I received the following item in the mail.

It was late 1989 and I had fired off a letter to President Bush about all the controversy surrounding the Supreme Court's decision recognizing the rights of people to burn the U.S. Flag. I was young, patriotic and had been in the U.S. Navy just over a year. I didn't expect a reply, but I received this letter from the White House complete with President Bush's signature. I'm 100% sure this is one of those auto-pen signatures that many presidents use. It could also be printed directly on the White House stationary.

I've kept it in the original White House envelope all these years and even thought it's not a real signature, it's something I'm proud to have in my "collection".


  1. Nice. I've still got my Presidential Academic Achievement Award letter from good old G H W Bush. A very nice auto pen if I do say so myself.

  2. Cool,
    A Quick Q&A
    Who burns more star spangled banners than anyone else?

  3. autopen or not... that's one cool pc item. what else do you have in that binder?

  4. CB--Thanks and congrats on your own achievment.

    Martyn--I don't know, but I still don't like it.

    Fujy--You'll see a little more today.