Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blogger APB

Dont' worry, this isn't becoming a hockey blog, I'm just using the doldrums of the off-season to do a little housekeeping.

I know one of the Hockey Card Bloggers is trying to build a complete set of these Upper Deck MVP Gold Script cards. Does anyone remember who it is?

I've got just one, an Alexei Zhamnov Gold Script #4/100.

I also have this 2001 SP Authentic Sign of the Times David Legwand auto if any of you hockey collectors is interested.

I don't know much about Legwand, but it's a nice on-card auto.

Let me know if you're interested.


  1. I think you are referring to Paul over at Card Boarded ( who is building the Gold Script MVP set.

    Keep the hockey posts coming!

  2. Brian, if you could set that Legwand aside for me, I'll find something to trade for it...

  3. Never a bad thing to be a hockey blog. :)

  4. DTG-Thanks, do you know his email address? I couldn't find it on his site.

    Robert--you got it!

    Cap, 1967ers, thanks!

  5. Try

    That should work./

  6. Too bad I didn't see this post myself earlier. Thanks for making an effort to find me (and thanks to DTG for remembering it was me with the Gold Script project).