Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tobacco Road

I'm always impressed with the generosity I find among other bloggers. Eric from Manupatches and Mustaches continued that great tradition of generosity last week. Eric had a series of posts describing a lot of early 1900s Tobacco Cards he got for a steal. I commented that I'd be happy to trade for one if he had any dupes. I've always wanted a real tobacco card, even it wasn't a baseball player. Well, Eric sent over 18 cards! I was blown away. Heck, I'm still blown away and I've been looking at these things for more than a week.

I'm just going to show a couple today. In my current sickly state, I only managed to get two scans done.

I regret not scanning the backs of these amazing little cards. This is a 1924 Player's Cigarettes Russian Relief Forces card. It is #9 in a series of 50 Army Corps & Divisional Signs. This card highlights a Russian Army unit that fought in Northern Russia 1919 and 1920.

The Australian Open is going on right now. That's why I chose this card out of the package. It's a 1936 Player's Cigarettes Miss Mary Heeley. This is card #6 of 50 in a series simply called "Tennis". It tells how England's former #1 tennis player, Miss Heeley, hits her forehand. I'll bet all of today's top players use these cards as a training reference. Well, maybe not.

Eric, thanks so much for the amazing cards! I look forward to showing a few more of them off.


  1. Glad you liked them. I'm always happy to get another person hooked on tobacco!

  2. That Heeley card is awesome! I'm surprised at the quality of the card... looks better than some modern day issues.

  3. I think the Russian Relief Force was actually foreign intervention in the Russian revolution. I believe the intent was to keep the communists from winning.

    Awesome cards.