Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is anyone else having problem leaving comments?

Every time I try to leave a comment tonight, it says "redirecting" and just sort of hangs up.

Is anyone else having trouble? Of course, if you are, I guess you won't be able to comment and tell me.

Blogger fun!


  1. At least it's working for you. I checked the help section on blogger and it appears it has to do with the way some people have their comments section set up. At least they are aware of the problem.

  2. I got an email from a reader of my blog telling me that he's been having issues posting a comment. I think it's a Blogspot issue.

  3. I have had this problem before. It sucks. Once I got a new laptop, the problem went away for some reason.

  4. I got your comment from last night, so it appears that I am lucky enough not to be having the problem.

  5. it's all in the way the blog is set up for comments. Like yours, the little pop up window works fine. But other ways not so much.
    I can't even click on some to read the comments, let alone leave one.