Saturday, January 21, 2012

Feeling Presidential

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of the GOP debates. I'm sick of politicians making promises they KNOW they can't keep. I'm sick of people voting for those politicians because of those promises, even though they KNOW the politicians won't keep the promises.

I'm just sick of politics period.

I still love Presidential cards and this one is just about as good as they come (unless you have that 2011 Ginter Bush auto which I really, really want).

I picked up a lot of presidential cards on the blowout forums recently and the seller contacted me about this beauty, which I snapped up.

This is a 2004 Topps Presidential First Pitch George W. Bush relic card. It contains an "authentic Yankee Stadium seat", most likely a piece of the seat one of the vendors sits on down in the bowels of the stadium.

The card commemorates President Bush throwing out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium on October 30, 2001. The country was still in turmoil after 9/11 and baseball was doing it's part to heal a wounded nation. This is a nice keepsake from a time in our history when everyone was behind the people in New York.

I don't know exactly how many cards make up this set, but I did find a John F. Kennedy and a Howard Taft on COMC. This is a set I would love to put together.


  1. I pulled the Dwight Eisenhower in a group break last year and didn't want to let it go to its rightful owner. These cards are absolutely beautiful and I thought about trying to put the set together. Then, I saw the prices of the few I did find. A little too high and too sparse for a complete set, but I'd like to pick up one someday and maybe more later.

  2. I'm with you on the politics. Thank god for sports. Nice card. One of my favorite cheap pulls last year was the Opening Day card of Reagan in a Cubs jacket throwing out the first pitch at Wrigley.

  3. Nice! I haven't seen that set before.

  4. I was the lucky group break recipient of that Eisenhower. I still feel badly about that, Johnny. I know you really wanted that but I couldn't bear to not collect my bounty. (I'm a huge presidential history buff!)

    By the way, I too hate politics. Oh, I have my strong opinions about the current candidates, but I'll keep them to myself :)

    If it helps, the Eisenhower is a showcase piece of my collection. At the prices, I doubt I'll ever see another.

  5. Dang it. Had I known you liked this kinda stuff, I'd of dropped an UD Dennis Kucinich on you.

  6. Agreed on all accounts. Politics are old already, and man is that a fine card.