Sunday, January 8, 2012

My bad

You don't see it as much as you used to, but do you remember when an athlete, let's say a wide receiver, would make a mistake and them make some gesture acknowledging he messed up? I don't know why, but that always irritated me. Millions of people are watching genius, WE KNOW YOU SCREWED UP!!

Well consider this my gesture acknowledging I screwed up.

If I asked about a card on one of your posts or we might have a trade in the early stages of being worked out AND I have not emailed you in the last 24 hours, then I probably dropped the ball on our deal.

I have a "pending trades" folder in my email and it got deleted when our system updated. Every email is gone so any pending deals got lost. I'm terribly sorry and hope we can get back on track to complete a trade.

Just let me know if we had a deal in the works. Thanks all!


  1. i'm holding a batch of texas rangers cards for you that i scored on in a group break. no hurry- just a reminder.

  2. I have an American Pie relic with your name on it.

  3. I have that Bowman Sterling ogando xfractor relic set aside for you.

  4. you were sending me that '54 Aaron that I wanted... LMK... no rush.

  5. Your cards are packaged and ready to go. You already sent your half.

    I suppose if I wasn't such a nice guy I wouldn't have told you that last part :)

  6. We were in the beginning stages of working out a trade for some Rangers and Mauer cards.

  7. I got everyone down and I'm pulling cards. I'll be in touch!