Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings...

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings (Topps IT Department), but it's no secret that Topps online presence is a joke. I think a group of delinquent 6th graders serving after school detention in the computer lab could come up with a better website, keep it updated and relevant AND maybe even have a current blog.

The blogosphere is all abuzz with 2012 Topps and they can't even keep the 2011 Diamond Giveaway site up and running. It's down again and the codes will be extended a few more days. I just want to request the rest of the cards I've been waiting for and then I'm done with it! I'm sure the work involved in a site with so many moving parts is tough, but Topps is a huge company. Surely they have the resources to do that site and their website right.

Honestly, I think it's just another example that Topps the corporation doesn't care about the collector. I'm sure they have employees that care about the collector, at least I hope they do, but the corporation is just that; a corporation and if any of us peon collectors think Topps gives a rip about us, well I think that's a mistake.

*Disclaimer: I had a crappy day. Two hours of sleep in the last 30 and knowing that I'll be giving over some of my cash to Topps because I can't go cold turkey on cards isn't helping. I'm also a realist and know I'll be entering 2012 codes...ugh.


  1. um, because of your crappy day, i just want to say that i really like and appreciate your blog!

    and in other news, you are spot on about the topps giveaway - i just want to ship my few cards, like you, and have been unable to do so over the last couple of days...

    and on your closing thoughts, i do think topps cares about customers - it's just always hard to keep a fanatic fan base happy, there's always just so much emotion out there regarding its products and policies. at least this is what i want to believe...

  2. Kev - you should be able to have your cards shipped through June or whenever the series 2 codes run out. Series 1 and update codes are about to expire, which is why everyone is having a fit about the Transmogrifier being down again.

    (wait - why am I acting as Topps' customer service??)

  3. Hope you get some rest and feel better... I know your frustration... except my issue isn't with Topps' IT Department... I have issues with UD Redemption Department ;-)

  4. According to the bulletin that pops up on their site, the codes have been extended to Feb 7th. Or 5th. I forget.

  5. Good luck. Get some sleep. We'll all be here when you wake up.

  6. I ended up calling customer service yesterday because I requested my Diamond Anniversay set and 25 cards back in NOvember and they never shipped anything, anyways in the background I can hear other reps apologizing for the site being down again. Say what you will about Panini, but there online presence is 1000 times better than Topps.

  7. The worst part of all of this is that it isn't confined to the Diamond Giveaway site. Once that site went down, the list of redemptions from redeem.topps.com disappeared as well. I can't see if they've shipped my Hosmer card yet or not. Also, I redeemed my $10 ShopTopps code a week ago and nothing has arrived yet.

    Fuji - UD is terrible and what's worse is that they get all bent out of shape and hurt if you mention their short comings on a blog.

    cynical - Panini isn't much better either. I was trying to get a replacement for a redemption that I've been waiting a year for and it was impossible. I used the website and left 5 messages with no reply. I called and left voice mails with no luck. It wasn't until I asked Tracy Hackler for assistance a couple of times that he was able to get someone to call me.