Monday, January 9, 2012

Letting someone else take the hit

You know if you buy a new car, the second you drive it off the lot, it loses value.
If you buy a used car in good shape, then you can avoid taking the big hit on value and get more bang for your buck.

The same principle applies to cards. I recently spent $20 on a lot of cards from a seller on the Blowout forum. It's the same amount we spend on blasters all the time. It's the same amount I spent on what I once termed "the best blaster ever".

Unlike that blaster, this "blaster" I purchased was all about the shiny. Many of you purchased 2011 Topps Chrome blasters or packs. You might get one or two colored refractors. Take a gander at what I got for the same price as a blaster.

2010 Bowman Chrome Kellin Deglan auto--This would be a nice hit for a blaster, especially since it was a guy from my team. Don't worry, I'm not a prospector and Bowman Chrome is NOT why I bought this lot. It gets better.

2010 Topps 206 Ian Kinsler Blue Refractor #104/199--Yes, Ian looks a little silly, but it's an beautiful card and everyone knows blue refractors were made for the Rangers...and Dodgers...and???

2010 Topps Chrome Michael Young Gold Refractor #31/50. How many blasters did I buy wishing to pull something like this? I don't know and I'm glad you don't either.

2010 Topps Chrome Michael Young Blue Refractor #94/199. It's the start of a beautiful rainbow. Yes, that's the 2nd time I've used the word beautiful in this post. Make that the 3rd time.

2011 Topps Wrapper Redemption Ian Kinsler--That's not Chrome, but it's sparkly and it's my first and only wrapper redemption card.

2011 Gypsy Queen Ian Kinsler Sepia Mini #38/99--Ok, I know it's not shiny, but it's still a great addition to my collection.

I just had to show the back. Well, I didn't have to, but I scanned it, so you get to see it.

2011 Topps Chrome Brian McCann Black Refractor #49/100--No, it's not a Ranger and yes Captain Canuck, it is going in my catcher binder next to the gold one. I hid my catcher binder since I knew you were looking for it.

2011 Topps Chrome Elvis Andrus Blue Refractor #40/99--One of my favorite cards of 2011, it shows Elvis turning a double play against the Giants in the 2010 World Series.

2011 Topps Chrome Ian Kinsler Black Refractor #46/100--Another of my favorite cards from 2011 because of the angle of the photo, the swing and I think that's Joe Mauer behind the plate.

I got all that for $20, but wait there's more! Sorry, I was going for the cheesy informercial affect there...

The lot also included some future trade bait. I won't say what they are specifically, but the lot had:

1 2011 Topps Chrome Black Refractor #/100
1 2011 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor #/99
4 2011 Topps Chrome Sepia Refractors #/99
2 2011 Topps Chrome Red Refractors #/25

Overall, I'd say that is a pretty good haul for $20. This is what I was referring to in my post earlier today when I said spending money on opening packs was a waste. I could never expect to get this lot of cards from a $20 blaster, but I picked it up for the same price after some guy took a bath on what must have been a case. I'll definitely be using the Blowout forums and other avenues to buy singles/lots that fit my collecting habits, but fear not dear reader.

I'm a sucker for busting my own packs, so I should still have plenty to trade. Heck, that's one of the best parts of having a blog anyway.


  1. Nice score! And TWO red refractors is ridiculous.

  2. Indeed, a value-wise purchase. Nice hits.

  3. I've been in the car business for nearly 40 years.I definitely see the connection.

    Great buy !

    There wouldn't be any Tribe cards in that trade bait would there !?
    I have a pile started for you.

  4. This is exactly the reason I quit buying packs.

    When you are looking at "other avenues try out this guy:

    I picked up 171 Red Sox I didn't have for $25. He has more stuff than listed on his site. Just e-mial him.

  5. Nice pick ups. I've pretty much gone to buying singles only myself. I just usually feel like I've wasted my money when opening packs. I still get excited when I find a pack of something new to rip open, but as soon as I'm done, I'm usually kicking myself. It's kinda like being a Cowboys fan. All excited when the season starts, and then not so much by the end!

  6. Congratulations! This is one helluva haul. I'm a firm believe of picking up singles and building my own personal blaster box.

    I know some will say "there's no fun in that", but that's the beauty of our hobby. There is no right or wrong way.

  7. I agree that you got a steal of a deal with that "blaster" right there. One of my goals was to spend much less on packs and I hope I can stick to it. The way I'm easing my mind is knowing for the price of a box I can buy a nice Bagwell auto or at least put it towards a really nice Bagwell auto.

    If there's any Astros trade bait in that blaster I've still got that Sterling Ogando for you lol.

  8. Dude got the short end of the stick there. I never bother checking the forums because I've never seen sweet deals like this on there! Excellent work on your part finding this! -Andy

  9. Greg--The red refractors are stars, but I'll be able to trade them!


    Captain- :)

    Baseball Dad-No tribers in that lot, but I think the next lot I have coming might have a couple.

    Adam-I checked him out, he has some great deals. Thanks!

    Big D-Do you and the boys have any 11 Chrome Rangers? I was in so many breaks, I have plenty of dupes.

    Fuji--you said it, there's no right or wrong way as long as you're happy.

    Trey, no Astros in that one, but I have one coming in the next lot. I'll let you know when I get it and we can finish up that trade.