Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This post is not about the Skip Schumaker SP!

Well, for the most part it's not.

If you read the Yahoo story about the Skip Schumaker SP, then you saw this quote attributed to "Topps".

"According to Topps, it's the first time in company history that a player's card has not featured the player's face."

I find it hard to believe with all the crazy photos that Topps has used over the years that they haven't had a card that didn't feature a player's face. I figured the blogosphere would be the place to find out. I looked at the regular 1973 Johnny Bench and it barely shows his face, but that search led to this:

That is one fine play at the plate in the making. I must have it! I'll be creating a top 10 most wanted soon and this one will be right at the top.

This isn't really bash Topps Tuesday although it may seem that way by the time Wednesday rolls around.


  1. That statement isn't even close to being true. What about the many, many photos that have featured a player batting from behind the plate -- there are several instances in 2006 and 2007 Topps.

  2. Then there's the 1973 Topps Joe Rudi card. Rudi's face doesn't appear on that at all (nor does any part of him).

  3. Love that Odom card, one of my personal favorites as well!

  4. I''m still shocked that Topps made a statement like that.