Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some stars shine brighter than others

I grew up in the age of the sitcom. My earliest television memories include The Facts of Life, Different Strokes and What's Happening. I loved M.A.S.H. and watched I Dream of Jeannie reruns. If you ever saw Barbara Eden in that Jeannie outfit you'd love her too.

During my early attempts at the TTM game, I sent away to many sitcom stars. The return rate wasn't great, but I did get some nice autos back in the mail.

I never got Barbara Eden's auto. I just thought we could all use a little Jeannie.

Dinah Manoff 8X10 black and white photo. Dinah Manoff was in a number of movies, but it was Empty Nest (1988-95) that led to this request. I sent a letter to her co-star Kristy McNichol too, but didn't get anything back.

Joanna Kerns 8X10 black and white photo. I loved Growing Pains (1985-92) and Joanna Kerns was one of the original hot moms. Who didn't want a friend with a mom like Maggie Seaver?

Patricia Richardson 8X10 black and white photo. Home Improvement was one of my favorite sitcoms during it's orignal run (1991-99). I actually received two autos from Richardson, each one on the same photo.

Debbe Dunning 8X10 Color photo. Debbe Dunning wasn't the original Tool Time girl, but I think she's way better than the original one. It might have something to do with Pamela's history. Debbe didn't just send love, she included the ever popular X's and O's.

Christina Applegate 8X10 black and white photo. Christina Applegate played the very naughty, very dumb Kelly Bundy on Married With Children (1987-1997). Kelly and the show were pretty popular among my Navy buddies. I actually have watched a few episodes of her new show, Up All Night. She stars along side Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. She and Arnett have good chemistry and some funny lines. I'm not sure about the authenticity of this autograph. Look at the next one and you'll see why.

A second request to Christina resulted in another return with the same picture and a different signature. This one matches up pretty closely with the way her autograph looked at the time. The first one I showed looks like it was signed by someone in the middle of an earthquake. It doesn't match up at all.

That's it for now, although I forgot one sitcom auto. I'll pair it up with another one in a different post.

Up next, a trio of musical ladies.


  1. That is weird, the first Applegate signature. Nice you got a second.

  2. I think the first one might be real, just that she signed it in a moving car or something.