Monday, January 23, 2012

From the Olympics to I can't believe I watched that show

The release of 2012 Topps gets closer with each passing day, which is good because I can't stomach what I see on the card aisle right now. Let's pass a little time with two more autos from my old binder.

I actually got this Mary Lou Retton auto in person. I have no idea what the event was, but I'm guessing Tyson chicken was sponsoring her appearance. In case some of you youngsters are unfamiliar with Mary Lou, she won the 1984 Olympics All Around Gold Medal in gymnastics. She also picked up two silvers and two bronzes in those same games. You can still request her autos TTM through her website.

I actually watched the first 3 or 4 seasons of Beverly Hills 90210. According to my records, I wrote to all the women on the cast, but the only response I got was from Jennie Garth. She was my favorite anyway. Beverly Hills 90210 was on from 1990 to 2000 and Jennie appeared in 292 episodes. She also appeared in 20 episodes of the comeback show, 90210, in 2008.

Next on the auto front are some sitcom stars.


  1. I have no trouble believing you watched it. Or any of us for that matter. Man in those days that show had the hottest darn girls. A guys dream show, right?

  2. I was like 6-7 when BH90210 was in it's prime and I wrote to Jennie Garth but never got a response. Now I'm jealous ha. I loved her!

  3. Just so you don't feel too ashamed about watching a few seasons of 90210, I'll let you know that I watched EVERY episode of the ENTIRE series. (I think I've still got my man card around here somewhere.)

  4. Women sure are comfortable throwing the "L" word around. Don't think you'd get, to Brian Love--Bart Conner. Maybe if you were a girl? But then "Brian" would be strange wouldn't it. Now I've lost my train of thought. Nice pictures. I'm a big sitcom fan so bring them on.