Monday, January 9, 2012

It's Random alright...

You may have seen a few other bloggers posting their share of the winnings from Josh over at Royals and Randoms. He held a contest and the winners got to draft and steal their way to a pretty cool little package of cards.

A little twist in the draft was you could steal one card from each player that had picked above you. Thankfully you could pick three of your cards to "lock" so no one could take those.

This is one of the ones I locked.

That's a very nice vintage catcher card of Ray Fosse, circa 1977. That's the same Ray Fosse that is getting bowled over by Pete Rose in my blogger avatar that shows up when I comment on or follow other blogs.

It's not often I run across a Will Clark card I don't have (although I don't really know since I don't have a wantlist/checklist for him). This is one that I'm about 99% sure I didn't have already.

It's a 1998 Donruss Preferred card. These came in 5 card tins and 100 of the 200 cards in the set were of the "Grandstand" (steel) variety like this one.

One of my picks in the draft was a "mystery" pick. It turned out to be a bunch of random 1994-95 NBA Jam Session cards. These over-sized cards are perfect for basketball players since they are so tall.

The best photo in the pack was this Chris Webber. It looks like that's Hall Of Famer Hakeem Olajuwon watching the finger roll from Webber.

Josh also included an assortment of random play at the plate cards, including this gem.

You may recall I mentioned that I didn't have this 1993 Stadium Club Bip Roberts play at the plate, but I really wanted it. Well, ask and you shall receive!

Thanks for the great contest and cards Josh!

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  1. Glad you liked it! It helped make my trade box a little lighter. :-)