Monday, January 30, 2012

I've been Clarked!

Forget Bip Roberts.

Forget Bippings as you know them.

I've been Clarked! Scott from Smed's Baseball Card Blog sent out packages to a number of people last week and he got me good!

I think this would be a nightmare for Night Owl, but I love it!

I bought a ton of 1988 Donruss back in the day and I never saw a mis-cut Diamond King, but Scott included two mis-cut Clarks in the batch, bringing the total "Clarking" to 11. I didn't scan the back, but you might be interested to know that Dale Murphy was the card next to Clark. Or you might not be interested.

If you've ever received a package from Scott, you know he includes a wide variety of stuff and this 1983 Fleer Rick Honeycutt is a great example. Rick looks pretty happy for a guy who just came off a 5-17 season.

Sticking with the 1983 theme, how about this nice 1983 Topps, Jim Sundberg. I really like this set. I don't know if there are any play at the plate shots in this set, but I would imagine that circle would mess up the shot.

This was a very welcome addition to my collection as I buy very few cards from Target. I think the Rangers look better with blue borders, but the red borders aren't bad. Not that I really need another parallel to chase.

Thanks a load Scott! I'll be checking your lists.


  1. Dang it ! I just sent a package out to you! Maybe I can it back and add some Clarks to it.