Saturday, January 14, 2012

I had a ticket to the All-Star Game

Back in 1995, the Texas Rangers hosted the MLB All-Star Game. The Ballpark in Arlington opened in 1994 so it was only natural that the All-Star Game would be held in the beautiful new stadium.

I wasn't a season ticket holder or a big corporate sponsor so I had to find another way to get a ticket. The Rangers held a lottery to distribute whatever measly quantity of tickets they were allowed to sell to the common folks. I only requested one ticket and somehow got picked. I had a sweet seat in Section 33. Somewhere I have a picture of me holding that ticket.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the game. A group of my Navy buddies were getting together in Vegas for a fun-filled weekend reunion. I thought the Rangers would get to host another All-Star game soon and I sold my ticket to a friend and went to Vegas. It was great to see my buddies again, but I've always regretted not going to that game.

I missed a couple of historic events by not going to the game. First, Hideo Nomo became the first Japanese player named to the All-Star Game. Second, the National League only had three hits, but they were all homeruns (Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Jeff Conine). It was the first time all of any team's hits had been homeruns. The National League won the game 3-2.

At some point during the 1995 season, the Rangers put out a game program that highlighted the coming game. I thought it would be nice to get the Rangers who appeared in the 1995 All-Star game to sign it. Unfortunately, I never could catch Kenny Rogers or Ivan Rodriguez signing at the ballpark.

I decided to get any Ranger I could to sign the program.

I only managed to get Mark McLemore and Roger McDowell to sign the program before the season was over. Not exactly the two guys I wanted, but not a bad piece for my collection.

I just wish I had that ticket stub and all the memories of being at the game.


  1. In my opinion, games are better on tv anyway :)

  2. You have the signature of someone who was on Seinfeld and part of one of their funniest bits.