Thursday, January 19, 2012

A day off

I work nights. Most of you know that. What you may not realize is how amazing it is to have a day off during the middle if your week when you work nights. You get to sleep all night and the next day, when you're used to be tired, you're wide awake and ready to go.

Today, I was ready to do something I almost never do: blog from home. I had my scans ready and some post ideas. I sat down at the computer and realized I couldn't access the Internet. I reset the wireless network and the modem. Nothing. I called my ISP. They were unable to "communicate" with my modem.

The diagnosis was a cable modem that had died.

Now I'm not sure what made me madder. The bad modem or a wasted afternoon of alone time to blog. I opted to use the 2+ hours to sort through some cards looking for some trade material.

If any of you tech minded folks has a tip or suggestion about my modem, feel free to share it. I'm the least tech minded person I know so any tips would be appreciated.

I'll be back to work tonight and hopefully have some regular posts ready for you tomorrow. I hate doing these from my phone. This little keyboard is annoying.


  1. I used a gun with mine. Now it works fine.
    You're in Texas... you must have at least three guns in the living room alone..........

  2. Are you kidding? My modem IS a gun. It's a combo unit.