Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm weak...

I'm a weak, weak man. My son had a $10 Walmart gift card and wanted to trade it to me for cash to spend at a video game store. Instead of using it for groceries, I bought another one of these "value boxes".

It was rescued from the trash heap of futility by a pack with an All Star workout "relic".

Anyone care to guess who I pulled?

I'll post a scan tonight.


  1. DUH CRAIG KIMBREL! I'll trade my Colbert Hamels All-Star Stitches Relic!

  2. Yadier Molina..... because the card gods hate you* too.

    *I hope it's just not me...

  3. You always seem to pull Rangers so I will guess Josh Hamilton.

  4. On a related note, how do you like those value boxes?

  5. I'm with dawgbones

  6. Nobody guessed it. I'll post it tomorrow since I'm striking SOPA and PIPA today.

    HitKing--I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love seeing what other people get and I hate that I don't get some of that good stuff. I wish they would change them up from time to time.