Saturday, January 7, 2012

Play at the Plate 29: Lonnie Smith vs. Brian Harper

This the 29th play at the plate card I've hightlighted on the blog. This card was included in the package I mentioned yesterday from Robert over at Serial Numbered Insanity.

October 23, 1991
Minnesota Twins vs Atlanta Braves
World Series Game 4, Twins up 2-1

It's the bottom of the 5th inning and the game is tied 1-1. The Twins already lead the series 2-1 so Atlanta is desperate to win this game. Jack Morris is on the mound and Lonnie Smith steps to the plate. Smith singles to left and then steals second on a 2-0 count to Terry Pendelton. On the next pitch, doubles to deep center. Twins center fielder Kirby Puckett retrieved the ball, fired to relay man Chuck Knoblauch who fired to catcher Brian Harper. This is what happened:

Smith was OUT!! Pendleton advanced to third on the throw. The Braves failed to score this inning, but eventually did win the game to even the Series at 2-2.

Unfortunately for Braves fans, Jack Morris would come back and pitch a 10 inning shutout in game 7 to win the World Series for the Twins.


  1. wow... you sure know your history. if i pulled this card out of a stack, i'd look at it and say "ouch'. then move on to the next card.

    thanks for the history lesson ;-)

  2. Way to take one for the team, Harp.

  3. we need more plays at the plate