Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Tiger and two Chicks

I told you yesterday about my old binder of autos I found. I have a few sports autos in it and while they last, I'll mix them in with the celebrity autos in an effort to keep a sports theme going around here. One thing I find a little sad about these autos is how organized I was about the whole process. I didn't keep track of my early attempts, but later I wrote down when I sent the request, what (if anything) I got back and the date of the return. If I was that organized with my card collection....well, let's just say I'm not.

How about we start with the ladies.

Brooke Shields, 4X6 black and white postcard.

Brooke was right in my wheelhouse. She is 5 years older than me and was around 16 when the Jordache Jean ads came out. My 11 year old self didn't know why at the time, but he liked Brooke. Still do actually.

Cheryl Tiegs, 8X10 black and white photo

The first time I recall seeing Cheryl Tiegs was on the 1983 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover. My dad had an SI subscription and dumped a stack of SIs on my bed one day. He either forgot to take this issue out or he was trying to tell me something. I wish I still had that issue.

Now for the sports auto. I almost used this as a know, guess the auto. I decided against it because I never would have guessed it if I hadn't gotten it in person.

I was at one of the games between the Tigers and Rangers in May of 1995. I didn't normally carry items for the visiting team to sign because in most cases I didn't care to get any autos from them. On this day, Cecil Fielder was signing and the only thing I had was the Game Day insert from the program and Fielder was nice enough to give it a big bold black sharpie sig.


  1. wow... forgot how hot cheryl tiegs was back in the day. very nice autographs!

  2. Great post title! No way I wasn't reading this after that...

  3. always like to see an autograph collector with the same first name.

    makes trading a whole lot easier ;)

  4. Love and Kisses Brian! Love and Kisses! xxx xxx. MMMM,mmm! ;)

  5. Shields was in YOUR wheelhouse!

    I'm the same age as Brooke Shields, so you can imagine what things were like when I'd pull Rolling Stone out of the magazine rack in the library at school and suddenly see her full-page Jordache Jeans ad.

    Wait, don't imagine that.

  6. Fuji--yes, she was. Of course most of those SI models are hot!

    Lifetime Topps--thanks!

    Cap--I've got some dupes coming up...

    Hack--you owe me a new keyboard. I spewed tea all over mine when I read that hilarious comment.

    NO--I'm not imagining it right now! Ha.