Monday, January 23, 2012

He gives a hoot

I received a package from the one and only Night Owl earlier this month. Night Owl and I don't really trade cards anymore. I send him stuff, he sends me stuff. I like it better that way. No pressure.

I looked through the package Greg sent and as I looked over the players the Rangers had from the mid-80s to the early 90s, it became clear why they never made the playoffs. I love my Rangers still and I'm glad to have every one of them.

I picked out 4 cards to show off so let's get to it.

I got all gushy over my Rangers and I lead off with Will Clark. What can I say, I'm a nutty guy. Night Owl almost always includes at least one Will Clark card in his package to me. He detests the Giants and feels pretty much the same way about Will Clark, which works out great for me. I know one of these days there won't be one single Will Clark in Night Owl's house unless it is in a complete set. That's too bad.

Greg always seem to pull out a vintage Ranger too. This 1973 Bill Fahey fits into the Ranger collection AND the catcher collection.

I never get tired of seeing the old school Rangers logo on cards. Jon Matlack is one of the guys I remember from when I first started following the Rangers. I never knew his middle name was Trumpbour. You can find out some interesting stuff if you actually read the back of cards.

I didn't scan the front because it's no different, but as you can see, this is the 2011 Lineage Venezuelan Ian Kinsler. I don't think I have any other Rangers' Venezuelen parallels from Lineage. You know, just in case you might have one.

Thanks again Night Owl. I'm sure another package will be headed your way before too long.

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  1. It pained me to give up a card with a "Fowlkes Chevrolet" billboard in the background. But it was for a good cause.