Friday, January 20, 2012

You've got mail

Or soon will if you and I were dealing and you live in the following zip codes:


If we're dealing and you don't see your zip code, I spent some time yesterday pulling cards for a few people.

I mailed those packages out on the 18th. I've received my end of a number of those packages and I'll be getting those posted next week. Except for this one from Jeff over at Cardboard Catastrophes, which is getting posted right now!

First up is a 2011 Bowman Chrome Zach Cone Purple Refractor. I could have picked any number of cards to post first. Why pick Cone, a guy I've never heard of you ask. It's purple and shiny and I'm a child when it comes to shiny things. I love 'em.

Here is more shiny in the form of one of those exclusive to somewhere Diamond Stars Josh Hamiltons. That thing should come with sunglasses or a warning not to take it outside in the sun.

Jeff outdid himself with a couple of nice vintage cards.

Here is a 1964 Topps Jim King I can knock off my Senators want list.

We'll wrap this up with Jim Hannan, circa 1963. Look at him, rubbing up the new bal with an expression that says, "Hey Mr. Batter, I own the plate so back it up!"

Thanks for the great cards Jeff. I look forward to trading again somewhere down the road.

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